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Every product we stock at Select Vape Club has been through a strict inhouse evaluation process to ensure it is of the highest quality and standards. If it’s on our website, then we have put our name to it!

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What is a Disposable Vape ?

A disposable vape is a small, non-rechargeable device that is pre-charged and already filled with e-liquid. The difference between a disposable vape and are chargeable mod is that you don’t recharge or refill disposable vapes, and there’s no need to buy and replace your coils. Once the disposable model has no e-liquid left, it can be discarded. Please view our page on sustainable recycling.

How many puffs does a disposable vape have ?

On average, most disposable vapes last around 500 puffs. To put this into perspective they give you roughly the same number of puffs as 40 traditional cigarettes.

There are a number of factors that go into how long your disposable lasts for. One of them is how you vape. Having small lungs can actually mean your vape will last longer as shorter, smaller draws of the devices will require less power and therefore the built in coil is firing less. Alternatively, long, slow draws of your vape requires more power and will mean your vape will run out of battery quicker.

Who are they recommended for?

Dispoable Vapes are loved by both advanced and beginner vapers in our community. They offer a quick and convenient method for vaping due to their sleek and compact design. Disposable vapes come in a huge variety of flavors and their low price point make them the perfect devices for hassle free vaping.

What are the best brands?

Every product we stock at Select Vape Club has been through a strict inhouse evaluation process to ensure it is of the highest quality and standards. If it’s on our website then we have put our name to it ! And that means that all the devices are the best of their category. Elf Bars and Geek Bars have been the most popular since their ntroduction however all our disposables are great alternatives.

What are the best flavors?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t decide. We stock over 150 flavors, from menthol and fruit through to more unique flavor blends. If you are unsure on the best flavor to choose, then visit out mix and match deals where you can choose a selection of flavors to try as part of your order.