Cookie Policy

At Select Vape Club we care about the privacy of our users. Our Cookie Policy is set with privacy in mine and this policy specifically explains how we, our partners, and users of our services deploy cookies to enhance your online user experience. By continuing to use our website you accept our use of cookies and can opt out at any time in the ways outlined below 

What are cookies? 

Cookies are small pieces of data, stored in text files, that are stored on your computer or other device when websites are loaded in a browser. They are widely used to “remember” you and your preferences, either for a single visit (through a “session cookie”) or for multiple repeat visits (using a “persistent cookie”). They ensure a consistent and efficient experience for our customers, and perform essential functions such as allowing users to register and remain logged in.  

How we use cookies 

We use cookies for a number of different purposes. Some cookies are necessary for technical reasons; some enable a personalised experience for both visitors and registered users; and some allow the display of advertising from selected third party networks.  

Where we place cookies ?

We set cookies in a number of different locations across our store. These include: 

  • On our websites  
  • In the administrative dashboards of our websites 
  • On sites that use our plugins  
  • In the emails we send 

Opt-out (Google users):  

Google cookies: Google provides ways to manage or opt out certain of its advertising cookies ( and analytics cookies ( You may read Google’s Privacy Policy at

Last updated 01/03/2024