Nicotine Shots

Nic shots (or nicotine shots) are used to increase the strength of 0mg vape liquid, or to create the ideal strength when mixing your own. Available in unflavoured or menthol variations, nic shots are a key component for many shortfill and DIY vapers.

Why Nic Nic ?

Nic Nic is an e-liquid nicotine booster range from My Vapery, a UK based manufacturer of e-liquid brands. All of My Vapery’s brands are manufactured by Xyfil Ltd, UK’s leading e-liquid specialists, to ensure the highest level of quality, consistency and compliance in every batch. My Vapery brands include: Jammin Cali Greens Pod Salt Vapers Oven The Big Tasty Candy Rush Nic Nic Nic Nic: 10ml nicotine booster shot Nic Nic is not just a collection of standard nicotine shots.

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