Direct-to-lung vaping, often referred to as DTL vaping, is an inhalation style commonly used with sub ohm e-cigarettes and e-liquid, which involves inhaling the vapor from an e-cigarette directly into the lungs, just like taking a normal breath. This vaping style is most common amongst experienced vapors as his inhalation method is to achieve the thickest possible cloud production and flavor payoff from your e-liquids by filling your lungs to near capacity with vapor. 


Mouth to lung vaping is where the vapor from an e-cigarette is inhaled into the mouth, then into the lungs. This style of vaping is best suited to beginners as it resembles the way in which most people smoke a cigarette. 


Nicotine is the main psychoactive ingredient in tobacco and some e-liquids. It is a stimulant drug that speeds up the messages traveling between the brain and body.1 It is the main psychoactive ingredient in tobacco. 


E-liquid, also known as Vape Juice or Vape liquid is the fluid that goes into your vape tank or comes in your pre-filled disposable. It is an essential part of your vape experience. Without e-liquid, there would be no vapor. When you take a drag, the battery inside your device warms the liquid. At this stage, the e-liquid becomes a vapor and moves through the pen until you eventually inhale it.   


A disposable vape is a small, non-rechargeable device that is pre-charged and already filled with e-liquid. The difference between a disposable vape and a rechargeable mod is that you do not recharge or refill disposable vapes, and there’s no need to buy and replace your coils. 

Nic Salts 

Nic Salts are the new vaping craze that has been specifically developed for those interested in nicotine consumption. They’re an ideal cigarette replacement for those who have long intervals between vaping. The nicotine hit from Nic Salts is designed to curb cravings for longer periods of time. Nic Salts is the natural state of nicotine that is blended with liquid, thus creating a suitable e-liquid that can be vaped. The nicotine in Nic Salts is better absorbed into the bloodstream unlike that of distilled nicotine in typical e-liquid. Nic Salts carry far fewer toxins than cigarettes and are fully TPD compliant under EU/UK regulations.  


Batteries are a critical component of every vaper's hardware and is the core part of any vaporizer as it provides the power needed to heat the coil. The coil heats the liquid and vapor is formed which is inhaled through the device.  


Vape coils are the most important components in any e-cigarette device. The coil is connected to the battery and is the part of the system which is heated enabling the e-liquid to turn into vapor. The coil is spiral in shape and is made out of wire. It is held in place by an atomiser head and when you inhale on a vape, the battery is engaged which sends heat to the coil and vaporizes the e-liquid into vapor. 


A term that refers to the ratio of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerine in e-liquid. 


Vapor is the substance produced by e-cigarettes to be inhaled. It is created when the liquid inside the e-cigarette (known as e-liquid) is heated and creates an inhalable smoke. 

Throat Hit 

Throat hit is the feeling you get at the back of your throat when you inhale an e-cigarette. The e-cig vapor can create a variety of different sensations and depending on your preference and experience you can choose between either a smooth and satisfying or irritating and harsh. More nicotine means a punchier throat hit 


Refers to how dense the vape smoke is when exhaled.  


Vape tanks are an essential part of the vaping experience and is the part of the e-cigarette or mod that holds the e-liquid. Sat inside the vape tank is the coil which when heated by the battery vaporizes the liquid. Vape tanks come in various shapes and styles by fundamentally provide the same function.   


A vape wick is the absorbent material that sits inside your heating coil. The job of the wick is to “funnel” the e-liquid to the hot coil for vaporization. Most commonly the vape wick is made out of cotton due to its ability to soak up moisture rapidly, remain heat resistant and also retain its shape whilst wet.   


A vape mod is the bottom part of a vape kit, it is the thicker part which houses the battery and other electrical components. Vape mods can offer enhanced and customized vaping experiences and are favored by the more advanced vapers within our community  

Drip tips 

A drip tip is a mouthpiece that fits on to the end of your vape tank, most commonly made out of resin due to its  smooth and pleasant feel in the mouth and also its ability to insulate your lips from the heat of your coil. Drip tips are designed to minimize leakage and to give a good airflow when vaping. 


mAh – Standing for milliampere hour, the mAh is used to indicate the energy charge that a battery will hold and how long the device will run before the battery needs recharging. The greater the mAh number the longer the battery will last. mAh is calculated by multiplying the amount of time the battery lasts by the amperes of the discharge current