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What PG/VG Ratio is Right for Me?

Depending on the style of vaping you choose, whether that’s DTL or MTL (direct to lung / mouth to lung) the exact ratio of your e-liquid’s components will differ, which is why you’ll see a “PG/VG Ratio” on each of our e-liquid’s product descriptions across the VHQ website. 

Direct-to-lung vaping, often referred to as DTL vaping, is an inhalation style commonly used with sub ohm e-cigarettes and e-liquid, which involves inhaling the vapour from an e-cigarette directly into the lungs, just like taking a normal breath. This vaping style is most common amongst experienced vapours as his inhalation method is to achieve the thickest possible cloud production and flavour payoff from your e-liquids by filling your lungs to near capacity with vapour. 


Mouth to lung vaping is where the vapour from an e-cigarette is inhaled into the mouth, then into the lungs. This style of vaping is best suited to beginners as it resembles the way in which most people smoke a cigarette. 

As a simple guide, we’ve demonstrated which PG/VG ratios are suitable for your style of vaping below: 

  • 100% VG: Suitable for DTL or sub-ohm vaping, but only used for customers who have an allergy to PG or are interested in competitive cloudchasing. This ratio has almost no throat hit and the sweet VG will alter flavours and create possible equipment issues if you don’t have the right set-up. 
  • 80% VG / 20% PG: An uncommon ratio for DTL and sub-ohm vaping that slightly increases vapour production whilst decreasing throat hit. 
  • 70% VG / 30% PG: Suitable for DTL or sub-ohm vaping, providing lots of vapour with a little throat hit. A smooth feeling that doesn’t overpower when inhaling, and produces big clouds when exhaling - the best of both worlds! 
  • 50% VG / 50% PG: A great starting point for MTL experimentation that provides a quality exhale with a nice bite on the inhale. 
  • 60% VG / 40% PG: Another very common PG/VG ratio for MTL vapers that delivers slightly increased vapour production with a slightly reduced throat hit. 
  • 100% PG: The strongest throat hit and best delivery of flavours for MTL vaping, but a very uncommon ratio that you won’t find much anywhere!
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